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1984 Airstream 310 Limited Motorhome

Renovation and Restoration

1984 Airstream 310 Motorhome

Xio - 1984 Airstream 310 Motorhome

Welcome to our Airstream page, here you will find photos and videos cronicalling the renovation/restoration of our 1984 Airstream 310 Motorhome

We named her Xio (Zee-Oh).

We plan to make Xio our winter home when we travel back to Canada and eventually she will join us down in Nicaragua.

Shouldn't every family have a trailer and a motorhome?

NASA Airstream Motorhome

NASA Airstream Motorhome

We bought Xio from a wonderful family in Kenmore Washington. Here is the work we did immediatly in the parking lot of an O'Rielly's Auto Part store. The staff there were absolutley awesome and a pleasure to deal with. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

If I get my way, we will restore the exterior to be like the Airstream motorhomes NASA used to transport astronauts for the moon and shuttle missions.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the classic Airstream motorhomes from

So it turns out the misfires are the result of the exhaust valve in cylinder 8 not sealing. The engine was rebuilt at some point and the bottom end looks ok, but the heads will need to be rebuilt. I was hoping it was a broken spring, which would have been a much cheaper fix.

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2017-08-23 - Replaced:



Missing plus in driver's side exhaust manifold

Missing plus in driver's side exhaust manifold

Old spark plugs

Old spark plugs

Sun Engine Performance Tester

Len at Automotion in Edmonton broke out some old school testing equipment to use on Xio.

Bad exhaust valve

Turns out Xio has a bad exhaust valve on cylinder #8 and that is what is causing the misfires.